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Music Organizer Software - Let all your Music collection to be in Ideal Order!


Music Organizer Software: Organize music, organize MP3 and organize music files easily - how? Music Organizer Software - is an automatic music organizer, music organizer program that will organize all your music and media. Music organizer will organize music, organize MP3 files, remove duplicate files, sort music files and even much more. Key features:

Music Organizer Software


(all MP3 music will be organized automatically);

Organize Music easily


(with user-friendly step-by-step wizards);

Organize Music automatically


(just start and all MP3 music will be organized);




Organize Music qualitative


(organize music automatically using ID3, ID3v1, ID3v2, ID3v3, IDx, etc. tags);

Organize Music exactly as you want


(organizemusic by genre, by artist, by album - all your MP3 music will be organize exactly as you want);




Organize Music and remove duplicates


(remove duplicate files, remove duplicate music, find duplicate files and delete duplicate files automatically)

Organize Music everywhere


(organize MP3 music on your computer, hard drive, CD / DVD disks, music player and many other locations)

Organize Music and even more


(organize music files of all types and even more - organize all types of music, photos, videos and sort all other media files)

 Download latest version of Music Organizer Software to Sort all your MP3 music right Now
Music Organizer Software - is the easiest way to organize music files, organize music and organize MP3. This music organizer program is a computer music organizer that will organize music, music organizer software that will organize MP3 music files, music organizer program that will organize duplicate music files and digital music organizer that will automatically organize music on your computer and hard drive. Download Music Organizer Software to sort and organize all your music files automatically right now:
Download Music Organizer SoftwareGet Full version right Now



How it works - Examples 

That's how Music Organizer Software organize music and other media files automatically over organizing and moving to media collection folders, according to file content:


File content type

 Original file name and address

 File name and address after processing by Music Organizer Software

  •  Music

 "new folder\


 "Music\Pop\Vanessa Mae\The Summer Collection\Folk Tune.mp3";
  •  Photos
  "images\726.jpg" "Photos\Black and white\Drawing\800x600\Pacific beach.jpg";
  •  Text
 "texts\doc3.pdf" "Nelson Salentiny\2008\April\Monthly report.doc";
  •  Software
 "progs\st61.exe"  "Programs\Adobe Systems Inc\Adobe Acrobat Professional\v6.12\2008.03.2 4-47\Setup.exe"
  •  Archives
 "arch\36.rar" "Archives\June 2009\Arcade Prologic game v.3.6.rar"
 That's how comfortable will be organized all your files
Download Music Organizer SoftwareGet Full version right Now



User Opinions 

That's what people say about Music Organizer Software possibilities:

"On our radio station, as on any other, is stored a large amount of music records. Some of them are played regularly, some of them not. To find needed music record in our audio archive, where are stored thousands of music files, is very hard. We had to hire a special employee, who categorized records in archive, but even such salvation was not perfect - we periodically received several thousands of records in a day, and a person who organized them, could not sort and organize them all and made a lot of errors. All this unsorted music records collected, collected and collected... One day while real-time broadcasting music clips, prepared to transmission, were lost in all this chaos and we were forced to break transmission. My colleague from another radio station called me, when knew about incident, and advised to use Music Organizer Software. Over several hours all our thousands of music's were sorted and organized and even if we are gathering several hundreds of new audio records every day, Music Organizer Software easily append them to common music base - right from audio CD's! Thanks very much to all Music Organizer Software developers. music file sorter, that they made, really helps people."
        Gregory Thostenson, sound producer of radio-station "Voice of Colorado",
        This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download Music Organizer SoftwareGet Full version right Now


"At April issue of “My Computer” magazine I read that Music Organizer Software – is the easiest and most user-friendly way to sort, rename and organize music files. I have large music file collection on my computer. Several first years it was easy to maintain it, but now, when I periodically download variety of music files from Internet it became very hard to find something in my music miles collection. I did not know what to do – variety of folders and in every of them are MP3 music files those I even never heard. I even wanted to stop collecting of music files, but suddenly come in mind that article – and I downloaded and started Music Organizer Software. It was like a miracle – all my music files were sorted, renamed, organized automatically, exactly as I wanted. Really useful music file sorter – It is needed for everyone who has music files and wants them to be in ideal order."
         Christopher Fienberg, music collector, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Download Music Organizer SoftwareGet Full version right Now

Our mission 

Why it is important to use Music Organizer Software on your computer? Why it is important to organize MP3 music for it to be in ideal order? Today life is impossible to imagine without information, and information - without files. By reports, provided by independent researches, now more than 95% of information is stored in files.

It is important to organize music files on your computer right now, but let's take a little trip to history. In 1970's, when first floppy disk was invented, it had 0,1 Megabyte size and often holds up to 15 files. By size it was less than 1 today MP3 music file. In 1980's was invented CD disk, which already had 500 Megabyte size and could hold already thousands of files. By size it could hold already hundreds of MP3 music files.  In 1990's became popular DVD disks, which could carry already dozens of thousands of files and hundreds of MP3 music records that also should be organized. Today most of files are stored on HDD (Hard Disk Drives), which are presented in every computer. They have size beginning from 90 000 Megabyte and hold millions of documents and may hold thousands of MP3 music files. Sort MP3 music in such amounts manually is impossible.

Several weeks ago was already started production of Hard disk with 800 000 Megabytes size, that is able to store already milliards of MP3 music files in variety of formats - and you, as potential owner of such hard drive with music files, should organize music files on it for your MP3 music to be in order. How to organize music files when you are gathering variety of them every day, again and again?

When on a computer is stored such variety of files (including MP3 music files, those also should be organized using an music organizer), especially if they are packed in numerous of archives, it is extremely hard to navigate between them. People often don't know, what files and where are stored.

When in a folder several hundred, or even thousands of files with names like "640info.txt", "important(14).doc", "music_21.rar", "confer46.avi", "" it will be needed days, or even weeks and months to understand, what is inside, organize all and move all in folders, according to content.

And even more - the whole directories are deleted, because there is no possibility to find out, what is inside and use such content.

You are in the danger! Is any salvation of such heavy situation? Yes, and it is - Music Organizer Software

Download Music Organizer SoftwareGet Full version right Now


So, How to organize MP3 music easily? 

    Everybody heard the magic phrase "MP3": MP3 music player, organize MP3 music, MP3 music organizer. But do you know what is exactly means this abbreviation, what means the phrase "Music Organizer Software"? What will be organized?

    "MP3 music" phrase is an abbreviation of MPEG-1 Layer Audio 3. It is an audio (including music) compression format. Today it is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, and it is used in at least every digital audio player. So, when somebody say that he organize music, than it mean he organize music files on his computer to get them to be in order.

    MP3 audio format was developed in 1991 by several organizations, including AT&T-Bell Labs in Murray Hill, United States, and Fraunhofer IIS in Erlangen, Germany.

    MP3 music compression format use a lossy compression algorithm. That's why it is giving ability to compress a whole 9 CDs in the way they will have a size of the 1 CD. An music file that is created using the mid-range bitrate setting of 128 kbit/s will result in a file that is typically about 1/10th the size of the CD file created from the original audio source. An music file can also be constructed at higher or lower bitrates, with higher or lower resulting quality. The compression works by reducing accuracy of certain parts of sound that are deemed beyond the auditory resolution ability of most people. This method is commonly referred to as Perceptual Coding. Of course, to organize MP3 music you should not know all about MP3 music format, but if you want - here are some details: It internally provides a representation of sound within a short term time/frequency analysis window, by using psychoacoustic models to discard or reduce precision of components less audible to human hearing, and recording the remaining information in an efficient manner. Now you see - when somebody say he want to organize music files than it mean he want to files with compressed music inside. This is relatively similar to the principles used by JPEG, an image compression format. Now you know that organize music files means to organize music files stored on your computer, organize music files stored on your CDs and DVDs, organize musics stored inside of your local network, organize MP3 music on your memory drives  and media player.

    So, how to organize MP3 music? And not just organize MP3 music, but organize MP3 music easily. To organize MP3 music you first should choose, how your MP3 music should be organized. Using a good music organizer you may organize music by genre, organize MP3 music by artist, organize MP3 music by album and organize music files by many other music file tags.

    If you prefer to organize MP3 music by genre, all your MP3 music files after you will Music Organizer Software will be located in the different folders, named by the names of music genres: pop and classical, jazz and disco. About music genre: it is a categorical construct that definitely identifies musical sounds as belonging to some particular MP3 music category and type of MP3 music that can be distinguished from other types of MP3 music. So, genre is a common concept that has great importance for everybody who collect and organize MP3 music, but it also continues to frustrate composers, fans, critics, and artists who don't want to be pigeonholed and organize MP3 music by genre not in the way they like. There is always disagreement about the definition of a genre and using which genres people should organize MP3 music, and it is impossible to list all genre categories in existence, but not when you want to organize MP3 music with a good music organizer. Using this music organizer you may organize MP3 music, organize all music files by genres, to which they belong by opinion of MP3 music production studios. Music Organizer Software music organizer has exact information about genre, artist and album of most MP3 music records, produced today. It gives you ability to organize MP3 music, organize music files very accurate and exactly as you want.

So, how to organize music fast and easy? It is very simple. Just download Music Organizer Software using the button below, run it and it will organize all your MP3 music - organize music files. And it is not all - Music Organizer Software will not just organize MP3 music easily - it also will organize music files exactly as you want (more than 697 methods of how to organize MP3 music for you to select in one mouse click). Download Music Organizer Software right now to organize MP3 music and get all your MP3 music collection to be in ideal order

Download Music Organizer SoftwareGet Full version right Now

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